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Many mini buses operate between Tikal and Flores or El Remate every day and other settlements near or along this route.  A few do arrive and leave on announced time but others generally don’t have and keep an exact schedule, typical is from and to Tikal starting in the early morning, every half hour (5:30am until around 11am and returning. Starting at 2pmto El Remate or Flores starting at midday until around 5pm.

By TAXI from all towns

By Collective minibuses start at 4:30am from Flores and 5:30am from El Remate, for approximately US$4 one way. Early morning is best to visit the park due to the cooler weather, less people in the park and a better chance to see wildlife.

By CAR If you are driving, the road between Tikal and Flores is fully paved. NOTE that it is in the slow process of being reconstructed due to the numerous potholes and general deteriorated condition of the asphalt. Be very careful of horses, dogs, pigs and other animals or people, standing or walking on the road. Even at night people often walk without flash lights, bicycles and some vehicles without head or tail lights.

RENTAL CARS. There are several car rental agencies in Santa Elena/Flores area, Hertz, Avis others. In Belize, Crystal Rental Cars are authorized to go to Guatemala

BEWARE of many unmarked speed bumps (tumulus) when approaching villages. There is only one main road in and out of Tikal, it passes through El Remate and onto Flores, also passing the crossroads to Belize and another Guatemala City.

By AIR Flights arrive daily from Guatemala City and Belize to the Mundo Maya International Airport in Flores. Tropic Air and Maya Island air. For 2 daily flights (1 morning and 1 afternoon), Belize- Flores flights or Flores -Belize
Avianca Air, or Tag Airline for Guate to Flores flights.
Direct flights arrive from to Belize City from Toronto Canada, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Southwest, US Airways. United, Tropic Air, Avianca, Delta, American

By BUS Arriving and leaving hourly many buses of all classes go to and from Peten (all of northern Guatemala) mostly arriving to Santa Elena/Flores Bus terminal. Three most comfortable are offered by Linea Dorada, Fuente del Norte and A.N.D (Auto buses del Norte) are luxury by Guatemala standards. They have other buses so be sure your ticket is for the best one Tickets are sold in El Remate or Belize City and buses drop off or pick up passengers in El Remate and Flores in route to and from Marine Boat Terminal in Belize City and others towns in Belize. But do not go through Tikal. You can make connections by mini bus or taxi.