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Many people wonder about this date and what it meant to the ancient Maya. Exact meaning is difficult to decipher and has been subject to much speculation and doomsday theories. While there is no record of the Maya predicting anything of the sort, maybe there is something to be taken from the importance placed on this particular date.

The Maya Long Count Calendar, Tzolk’in, consisted of cycles within cycles, spanning thousands of years. December 21, 2012 marks the end of the B’ak’tun 13, a cycle equal to 5,126 years. Completing this significant period was a cause of celebration to the Maya, perhaps meaning a time for renewal and enlightenment.

When we hear the expression ‘end of the world’ most of us take it literally, but maybe we should think of the phrase as the end of the world as we know it, a significant change in our way of life. In that sense, 2012 could mark the end of a phase, the earth and its inhabitants could enter into a new era, with new way of thinking, goals and beliefs.

Unlike the world we currently live in, which is dominated by materialism and ego-consciousness, the new world to follow could be founded on different values in which the belief of the inter-dependence of all life is emphasized, and respect for Mother Nature and our surroundings is restored. Based on the complex situation that we are in as a planet, humanity’s dependence on technology and unsustainable practices, it is hard to predict the longevity of our modern world.

Almost all of us can agree that we are living in times of uncertainty and imbalance. But it’s important to realize that frightening ourselves by believing in theories of catastrophe doesn’t help us rise up and face the great challenges before us today. When thinking about what the world might be like beyond 2012, clearly no one knows or can really predict how things may be.

We need to move from instability to awareness. The population of the world must open their hearts and follow their inspirations. The changes to come may start gradually or swiftly, it all depends on how conscious we become, and how we all participate in this process of awakening our human potential.

As far as the specific date of December 21, 2012; most of the present day Maya people of Guatemala want it to be known that their ancient beliefs have been distorted. Most do not support the hysteria that is being raised by different 2012 theories. They want the world to understand that much of the information being put out on this subject is not truly sourced from the Maya or their calendars.