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There are only three hotels within Tikal park boundaries and a not so modern camping area. All are near the parking lot, a few hundred meters from the Visitors Center, Museums and Shops. No town or Tikal village exists in the park. There are no ATMs or banks in Tikal Park. The nearest ATMs are 29 km in El Remate.

It’s important to note that there is no 24hr electricity in Tikal, hotels have noisy generators that run a few hours or even all night and day.  Select your room as far away from the generator as possible. They also have some type of limited telephone communication and internet by Satellite. No cabled TV or  cable internet. There are no banks or ATMs or casita de cambios in the park, the closest banks are located entering in Santa Elena/Flores area. Also usually a cell phones will get a signal  when on the top of temple four.

For safety there is now an ambulance that stays in the park ready to assist with emergencies. Medical emergencys are taken to Santa Elena/San Benito area. Be sure to use comfortable shoes and be careful climbing the wooden stairs on the temples. Rainy days are especially dangerous with wooden stairs and slippery stone or mud in the trails. Be prepared for approx. 20 min walk from Visitors Center to Main Plaza

Staying within the park is convenient for those wanting to be surrounded by jungle if they are willing to fight the mosquitoes and other insects. In general hotels are more expensive than hotels in El Remate or Flores. El Remate has numerous back packing options and a few nice hotels. One of the most populars is La Casa de don David 

If you decide not to stay within the park it is still very easy to plan your visit, as buses travel steadily during the morning hours into the park and return throughout the afternoon. Going through El Remate to Flores area.

Below are the 3 lodging options available inside Tikal National Park
Jaguar Inn – A very popular hotel and often the best value of the three hotels. Bungalows are set off to the side of the restaurant. All rooms have private bath, hot water, ceiling fans, and porch hammocks. Hammocks are also available for rent and a there is a small camping area behind the restaurant. Open for breakfast from 6am.
Jungle Lodge – The largest of the three hotels, offering three types of rooms, a restaurant and pool. Some rooms are slightly more secluded, located further away from the restaurant and pool, bungalows situated poolside are the most expensive. All rooms are spacious, with private baths and hot water.
Tikal Inn – The Tikal Inn offers simple rooms with private bath and ceiling fan, there is a restaurant and swimming pool for guests. This hotel is several hundred meters walking distance to the entrance to the ruins.

Camping Available but no electric, sewer or water connections for campers

For optional Lodging and Food outside the park.

Most travelers find it better to stay outside of Tikal Park where there is
24-hour water and electricity plus numerous restaurants and an assortment of hotels and B&Bs.  El Remate is located 30 kms before the ruin and 15 kms outside the park boundrys.

Credit Cards are accepted in El Remate at a few good hotels ($30 to $80 usd)  plus there are more than a dozen hostels ($4 to $20) and lower prices for places to stay who accept only cash. Also 2 camping places no hookups. It is prohibited to camp in any un designated area. Some visitors find El Remate pleasant for one month ore more renting nice accomodations for less than $250 USD per month.  Also El Remate has ATMs,  Good Swimming, Nature reserve, boat tours, horseback riding

NOTE Most credit cards charge an international transaction fee (usually 3%) so try to travel with a card that does not charge this fee.

Exchange your money at the bank for the best echange rate.

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